Brampton Bryan W.I.

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January 11th  - 'Napoleon on St. Helena' - Robert Wilsey

Competition: Historical Artefact


Most people are aware of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s military campaigns throughout Europe and of his statesmanship in France from 1804 to 1814.  What is less well known are the events leading up to the six strange years he spent imprisoned on St Helena leading to his death in 1821.  Robert and Jane Wilsey travelled to the remote island of St Helena in 2005 and Robert has researched the story of his last six years in depth. Truth is often stranger than fiction!  His talk is illustrated with numerous photographs.

February 8th -  Annual Dinner to be held at The Lion, Leintwardine. 

Members and their partners are invited to attend this social gathering, choices of menu will be paid and ordered for at the January meeting.

March 8th - 'NGS (National Garden Scheme otherwise known as the Yellow Book) 'Gardens in Herefordshire' - Rowena Gale and Penny Usher.

Competition: A Flower

This talk will be of great interest to those green fingered members amongst us, and hopefully will inspire others.  It will include the history of this fund raising charity and a selection of photographs of the current year's open gardens that will be available to view on their open days. Come along and receive a free booklet of all our counties gardens open under this worthwhile scheme.  What could be better, than a visit to a garden where somebody else has done all the hard work, and you can enjoy the fruits of their labours, along with a cup of tea and a piece of cake!

 April 12th -  'Across the tropic of Capricorn'  - Vic and Gill Harnett

Competition: A photo of Paradise

See the tropical islands that they visited from New Zealand to Papua New Guinea.  Meet some of the amazing tribes still living simply in their hand built homes, providing food from their gardens and nature and fishing in the delightful warm seas that surround them.

May 10th -RESOLUTION MEETING.  There will be a discussion about this year's Resolution following which, we will have the opportunity to vote on the resolutions. 


June 14th - 'Celtic Pilgrim' - Rev. Iain Skinner

Competition: A Favourite travel item

Learn about the 300 mile walk that Iain undertook from Iona in Scotland to Holy Island off the Northumberland coast, accompanied by his dog Hamish - a Highland Terrier - who was his only companion.

July 12th -  'Peruvian Antique Costumes' - Jill Salmonds

Competition: A decorated bonnet

A return visit from Jill an historian and anthropologist, who last spoke to us about Chinese costumes.  This time we are going to learn more about Peruvian culture, Jill will be bringing numerous hats and costumes.  She will have a slide show and talk about their customs.  A chance to learn about this fascinating country which is so diverse.


August 9th  - 'The Haven Distillery' - Duncan Fox 

Competition: A Cocktail Recipe

Come along and learn how Sly Gin is created by hand in incredibly small batches using herbs from their Herefordshire garden combined with traditional botanicals and craftily distilled in grain spirit at low temperatures to capture all the bright fresh flavours. It’s finally blended with naturally pure Holywell Malvern spring water to create a very special gin.  Samples will be available!



September 13th -  'Tales from the Laundry' - Francesca Bingham

Competition: A starched Napkin

Laundry Tales is a conversational evening where some stories collected by Francesca Bingham at Berrington Hall, Herefordshire, from visitors to the Laundry Room are shared.  As a NT guide and Interpreter of the Below Stairs programme for 3 years, Francesca heard many fascinating vignettes, anecdotes, and historical details from all parts of the country. Afterwards, you are invited to share your own first memories of laundry.  Francesca works at Ludlow Castle currently.


October  11th - "My Bake Off Experience" Rosemary Thomas

Competition: A river find


An inspiring talk of Rosemary's experience in applying to become a member of the Bake Off contestants.  An amusing talk of the ups and downs of this experience.  We will find out about the secrecy of the whole interview system and how complexity of the application.


November 9th - Annual General Meeting 


We meet to elect a new committee and President and enjoy a wonderful hot supper,  prepared by the outgoing committee.


December  13th - 'A Christmas Table Decoration' - Sheila Smith

Competition: The best Decoration

We are extremely lucky to have such a talented member of NAFAS as one of our members.  Tonight Sheila will demonstrate, and we will all have the opportunity to make our own table decoration for Christmas.  Bring your inspiration with you!